Block of the Month

Signing up for a Block of the Month is the same as putting a "quilt" on lay-away".  All of our Special Programs or Monthly Programs require a commitment from you for the length of the program. You are making a commitment to purchase the entire set of patterns or kits.  There are NO exceptions to this rule, so please don't ask if you can discontinue a program once you've joined in.

When you sign up for a monthly program, PLEASE leave your phone number so we can contact you to obtain credit card information for monthly billing because our site does not store that information, we must obtain it separately for monthly billing.

Pennie Path BOM with Precut Pennies
Pennie Path BOM with Precut Pennies

Pennie Path BOM with PreCut (UNFUSED) Pennies


We look forward to offering you more unique and creative Block of the Months that showcase reproduction fabrics and wool as well as our love for quilting history.

BOMs are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.